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we aren’t broken just bent  we can learn to love again

Marilyn Monroe in New York City, June 1957. Photo by Sam Shaw.

She’s Done . .

Yeah, that girl who was always there for you. The one that waited up for you all those nights to come home & you never made it in. The one you blew off to get drunk and high with your “Boys”. The one who put whatever she was doing on hold for you, but couldn’t even manage to get a minute of your time… That Girl Is Done! She’s Over Being Taken Advantage Of. She’s Done Putting Her Life On Hold While You Do What Every You Want. She’s Done Waiting Up For You. She’s Done Taking Care Of You When Your Slumped And Not Even Getting A Thank You In Return. She’s Fed Up ! & Your Too Caught Up In Bullshit To Even Realize it. Open Your Eyes & Grow The Fuck Up Cause You Already Lost The Only Girl Whose Gonna Stick Around This Long And Put Up With Your Bullshit .

S H E ’ S  D O N E  !


If the only place I could see you was in my dreams, I’d sleep forever ❤

story of my life ,

yassss , <3